Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Cash Flow Mapping Into Your Process

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  1. Clients Need It — now more than ever in this paperless society of direct deposit, automatic bill pay, credit cards, and online payments, clients need to have a clear, simplified way of understanding their cash flow.
  2. It's Sticky — when using Cash Flow Mapping, you build deeper, more trusting relationships with your clients. That means being replaced by a robo-advisor is much less likely.
  3. Compliance — it supports the "show your work" paper trail that is increasingly being scrutinized by regulators.
  4. Retirement Income Planning — if you are in the business of helping clients transition into retirement, they need to know what the revised budget looks like.
  5. Business Exit Planning — if you are in the business of helping your clients exit their business, you need to know the true cost of their lifestyle. Cash Flow Mapping has an important category titled "expenses paid for by third parties." These are the fringe benefits the current corporate checkbook is paying for, but once that business is sold, those expenses will need to be absorbed by the personal checkbook.
  6. Leads to Better Advice — when you have a clear understanding of your client's cash flow, you can empathize with their situation.
  7. Leads to More Sales — if the client has a clear understanding of where the money is coming from, they are more likely to transact.
  8. Leads to Referrals — clients are much more likely to refer an "experience." Cash Flow Mapping helps them experience clarity and confidence.
  9. Increases Communication Amongst Family Members — we all know the statistics on how many marriages end due to financial stressors. Cash Flow Mapping helps raise awareness about what's happening with the family's cash flow. It promotes healthy conversations.
  10. Happiness is a Positive Cash Flow — we all know that money doesn't buy you happiness, but I dare you to be happy with a negative cash flow. It just doesn't work!
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