What Do Users Say About Cash Flow Mapping?

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Carl, just went on the program. First of all, I believe you have nailed it. This is a great tool that should be used to find the money. In the process, what a value add for the client.

Robert F., CLU, ChFC, MSFS

What an amazing tool!! For years my wife and I have struggled to understand how we could be living paycheck to paycheck when we made a good living. Asking ourselves each month, "Where did all of the money go?" We tried budget spreadsheets, banking software, and many other solutions. After using Cash Flow Mapping for just a couple of months the results have been astounding. We are able to easily cover all fixed expenses, have money for the fun things we want to do, and put more money away for our future. It is incredible how this amazingly simple tool provides this level of insight into what was an extremely complex problem for my family. I finally feel like we are "telling our money where to go rather than wondering where it went." Thank you Cash Flow Mapping.

Jared J., CEO & Financial Advisor Client

I recently used CFM with a client and had great results. The simple, easy-to-use format allowed me together with the client to map out their current cash flow and where it is going. It is a great exercise with a couple because it takes them through a systematized "walk through" of their monthly cash flow, only focusing on the main monthly expenses.

The end result was we identified $3,000 of free cash flow that was being lost to day-to-day life. By capturing some of that for planning, the clients felt relieved knowing they could obtain the desired 20 percent savings level quicker than they thought. In one meeting we were able to obtain a $2,000 monthly savings commitment.

I would highly recommend this tool to other advisers. It is simple, intuitive, and most importantly effective.

Robert P., CFP

The client liked it so much they want me to do it for their business as well. The system made it easy to identify real cash flow available for planning. The clients finally understood their cash flow and the exercise made them analyze each of their expenses and how they overspend on unimportant things.

Rocky M., Financial Advisor