Be Your Clients' Hero

Cash flow is complex. Everyone knows it's there, but understanding all the pieces is surprisingly tricky. Cash Flow Mapping lets you be the hero —you quickly simplify your clients' cash flow and engage them in creating the future they want. You can quickly qualify clients, align their resources with their goals, and earn more business.

"We tried budget spreadsheets, banking software, and many other solutions. After using Cash Flow Mapping for just a couple of months the results have been astounding."

Jared J., CEO & Financial Advisor Client

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Build deeper, more trusting relationships that lead to new opportunities.

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Quickly Develop Rapport

Our system is laid out to quickly grasp the heart of your client's cash flow needs, allowing you to position yourself as the guide in your client's self discovery process. By honing in on exactly what their average monthly cash inflows and outflows are, you can determine their wants and needs and set them up for success in the future.

"The client liked it so much they want me to do it for their business as well. The system made it easy to identify real cash flow available for planning. The clients finally understood their cash flow, and the exercise made them analyze each of their expenses and how they overspend on unimportant things."

Rocky M., Financial Advisor

Highlight Your Recommendations

Once you've successfully mapped out your clients' current cash flow position, you can duplicate their cash flow map with the click of a button, make your investment and savings recommendations, and build a clear comparison report.

"We identified $3,000 of free cash flow that was being lost to day-to-day life. By capturing some of that for planning, the clients felt relieved knowing they could obtain the desired 20 percent savings level quicker than they thought. In one meeting, we were able to obtain a $2,000 monthly savings commitment.

I would highly recommend this tool to other advisers. It is simple, intuitive, and most importantly effective."

Robert P., CFP

Top of Mind Year Round

Cash Flow Mapping comes with a white-labeled Advisor Site. After you make your analysis and recommendations, what happens if income changes or if they buy a new house? Your clients can log in from anywhere to view and update their cash flow maps, view reports, and budget their variable spending. Your name stays front and center, and the system emails you when they make changes.

"First of all, I believe you have nailed it. This is a great tool that should be used to find the money in the process. What a value add for the client!"

Robert F., CLU, ChFC, MSFS

Help your clients tell their money where to go
instead of asking where it went!

Build deeper, more trusting relationships that lead to new opportunities.

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