What is Cash Flow Mapping?

The foundation of all our growth solutions, this software simplifies cash flow allowing you to open doors and build relationships.

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Consumers are interested in cash flow

It's simple to market this valuable service.

Whether a consumer makes $50,000 a year or $50,000 a week, consumers want to understand their cash flow because it impacts the lives they are living right now. They want help with their todays, not just their tomorrows. As an advisor you are trained to prepare them for their tomorrows, but in order to earn their trust, you need to meet them where they are, and cash flow management is the bridge.

Build a scalable process

All roads lead to cash flow.

Cash Flow Mapping empowers you to quickly understand, in a personal and meaningful way, your prospects’ situation. Qualify your prospects in record time so that you can serve more of the right people more often.

New advisors succeed faster

Retain and grow talent.

When new advisors lead with cash flow they quickly gain confidence in their ability to provide value for clients. As a result, they are more confident in prospecting and in client interactions, which leads to more sales early in their career. These quick wins build momentum, giving them time to learn the more complex nuances of the business that can take years.


Show your clients a map to success. Illustrate the bigger picture and uncover hidden opportunities.

FAMILY MAPS Quickly qualify prospects, gain client buy-in, overcome objections, and give your clients confidence in the plan.
BUSINESS MAPS Help your clients gain a better understanding of the interaction between their business and personal cash flow.
COMPARISON REPORTS Generate multiple scenarios with a few mouse clicks. Show changes based on life events and highlight your recommendations.
MARKETING & BRANDING Every plan comes with content to help you attract new prospects, convert prospects into leads, and service existing clients.

Grow Fearlessly

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More Features to Love

Downloadable Client Reports
Field Customization
Calendar Integration
Assistant License
Unlimited Clients & Maps
Built-in Calculator
Share Clients
Two Factor Authentication

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many client maps come with my plan?

All of Cash Flow Mapping's plans come with the ability for you to create unlimited client accounts and unlimited maps.

Does Cash Flow Mapping work with businesses?

Yes. Cash Flow Mapping has a business maps feature that you can link to a family map and setup distributions to work in various ways including fixed dollar amounts, percentages of metrics of the business, subject to income or self employment taxes or not. When used with our duplicate and comparison tools, this feature is helpful to show your clients various options for business cash flow to flow into the family and illustrate the various potential consequences including tax changes.

Are clients able to log in and input the information themselves? Can we "block" that ability?

If you give clients access they can login and make changes to their maps. You can hide maps from clients so a frequent option to use is build a map, duplicate it and then hide the original. The client can then alter the new one and you can use the change history and a comparison to see what they do. Additionally, the system will automatically alert you via email when they make updates.

What are the required or "major" documents needed from a client to get an accurate map?

It depends on the status of the relationship. If you're just looking to pre-qualify a client, just a conversation can be effective and you may need no documentation. When you get deep in the weeds it can be helpful to have copies of tax returns, current pay stubs, W2s, Business Profit and Loss statements, Cash Flow Statements, etc. I recommend starting with a small amount of info and growing it as you grow the conversation. It aids in buy in and relationship building while also increasing buy in and preventing fatigue from the client since they gain benefits along the way. You can also dive in deep right at the start for existing clients you already have info for and use this as a touch point / reason to reach out.

Is there a long-term contract or commitment with using Cash Flow Mapping?

No. All of our plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Outside of this 30 day period, your plan can be cancelled at any time and will end at the end of your pre-paid period with no further commitment required.