Marketing Library

This is how you will thrive.

You're a financial expert, not a marketing "guru."

We don't blame you if drumming up leads and sales is your least favorite part of the job. And if it is, we have good news. The CFM Marketing Library has the resources you need to end the struggle and ignite growth.

Whether you're targeting engineers, new retirees, or recent college graduates, we have the emails, ads, sales pages, and more to help you engage your audience and get game-changing results.

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How it works

You can easily find the content you need in two ways.

Use "by Audience" if you have a specific audience that you're targeting. There, you will find all the emails, ads, sales pages, etc. that are related to your target market together in one place.

Use "by Channel," when you want to focus on a specific channel to communicate. Here, you will find all emails grouped together, all posts grouped together, and so on.

Sales Pages

Choose from our robust library of sales pages that address many different audiences. Our sales pages are designed to speak to their pain points and present the benefits of cash flow planning with you. These pages capture contact information and take prospects to your booking page.


Get email templates for your warm and cold markets. Have a specific audience? We have templates that will speak to their pain points and increase opportunities for engagement.

Direct Messages

LinkedIn is a valuable marketing tool. You'll get templates to help you to re-engage past leads or break the ice in a cold market.

Ads, Posts & Images

Get audience specific or generic ad and social media post templates that communicate your new offer. You can send traffic to your calendar page or to a custom Sales Pages.


Videos are another effective marketing tool. You can embed any of ours into your website, add them to an ad, or post to social media.

Workshop Materials

"Tell Your Money Where to Go Instead of Asking Where It Went." Use this presentation as a seminar or webinar to help your leads learn about cash flow. This includes a worksheet that they can complete at home.

Some of the attendees will want help and for those you can either charge for the service or use it as part of your sales funnel for your other offerings.

Lead Magnet

When marketing your services you will often encounter people that would be a great prospect but they aren't ready to schedule an appointment yet. Instead of writing them off, capture their contact information and continue to follow-up. But how? By offering something they would find helpful in exchange for an email address.

You get access to lead magnets and lead capture pages.